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We want to express our heartfelt thanks to the Scottish people who recently pledged their support to us, Hawaiians, struggling to regain our independence and restore our rightful sovereignty. Scotland is also in the process of severing their union with England and become and independent country again. This will revitalize their people just like becoming independent will revitalize the Hawaiian nation too.

On numerous occasions we have expressed our support to the people of Scotland and in return they asked us to intensify our efforts in showing our commitment to the world to become a proud and prosperous independent Hawaiʻi again. They asked us to show this by flying our Hawaiian and kanaka maoli flags on every Hawaiian home, truck and boat. And their financial pledge made it possible for us to offer these strong and proud flags to you at a very affordable price of $10.00 each. Click here to order your flags.

We have exchanged flags and banners with them and the Scottish flags will fly on the Island of Kauaʻi in Salt Pond Park along with our traditional Hawaiian flag and the kanaka maoli flag. Our kanaka maoli flags are already flying on some Scottish schools in their Western Islands of Scotland and Scottish children are introduced to the kanaka maoli pledge.

So, we have joined our dreams and now it is time that we begin joining our forces too. You, too, can be part of this wonderful movement. Spread the word and fly the flags to show your commitment. Only together can we win! 

I mua!