The flag that you are looking at is not the official flag of the Lawful Hawaiian Government, nor the flag of the de facto State of Hawai‘i, and not even the flag of any Hawaiian groups. It is a historical Hawaiian flag, which once was the flag of the Hawaiian admiralty and flown at high seas. Although today we have no Hawaiian armada, the flag survived and it became ka hae o ka mana o nā kānaka maoli, the “flag of the native Hawaiians’ power” (also known as the “kānaka maoli flag” or “Hawaiian solidarity flag”) symbolizing our determination to regain our independence, retain our sovereignty and maintain our solidarity with each other. This is the only non-colonial Hawaiian flag.

Who flies these flags today? Not only the native Hawaiians, the kānaka maoli, but also those who believe in their cause and support their struggle. And these supporters are all over the world, because the case of the illegal occupation of Hawai‘i by the United States is getting more and more attention worldwide. By flying the flag you will also support this hard but noble struggle. It will also have a tremendous effect on our cause: those who see the symbol displayed will respect your courage and there will be others to follow suit, because people like to follow the brave ones.

What is the difference between flying the official Hawaiian flag and displaying the kānaka maoli flag? Flying only the official Hawaiian flag is pono (proper, good), but unfortunately it will hardly distinguish you from the occupiers who also fly the same flag. They fly it even on prison camps and prison buildings that hold a large number of kānaka maoli. But they will never fly the kānaka maoli flag, because they know its mana (power). The more flags we fly the stronger we become. Remember that by displaying the flag we mean no harm to anyone and we do not invoke fear. The fear the occupiers have and disseminate is of their own choosing. Solidarity and its symbol is our choice. Be one of the brave ones and display the flag proudly, wear its symbol with pride, or spread the message on postcards by sending the picture of the flag to your newspaper, radio or television station, to the representatives of the United States, the de facto State of Hawai‘i, and your county, or if you live in a foreign country to the United States embassies!

Sovereignty, Solidarity, Independence !

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